What Watch Ponder Does?

I bring business-focused opinion, news, and history articles on the luxury watch industry to niche readers in order to share my perspective and inform, educate, and increase the knowledge of the companies and strategic forces shaping the watch industry today. To do this, Watch Ponder uses the lenses of history, strategy, finance, and marketing to peer into the past, draw patterns in the present, and look into the potential future of the industry.


The Focus:

-History of the Watch Industry from year 1500 to present and the strategic forces that have shaped the industry.

-Analyze the common performance and competitive advantages of current companies competing within the industry.

-Examine strategic factors affecting the industry today from shifting consumer preferences, rapidly shifting marketing tactics, and outside economic forces.

-Look at new entrants and products to the market, whether established brands or entrepreneurial ventures, including their innovations and contributions.

-Dissect the performance of companies in the industry through interviews with executives, review of annual reports, and analyses by consultants and banks.


The Writer:


Jacques David Longines

The original watch ponderer, David Jacques of Longines and one of the founders of the modern Swiss watch industry (1876) [Source: ‘History of Longines’, 1947, art by Cottet]

My name is Aaron. All articles I write are based on my perspective of history, the economy, and business. I have a passion for watches and am a collector of luxury watches. My education is in business and economics. I have an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s of science in economics. I try to bring the business lens to my writing to provide readers with a view of the business, marketing, and strategies of the watch industry companies I look into. This is not a job, rather I do this strictly as a hobby in my free time because of my passion for writing, thinking about complex issues, and watches.


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