Watch Industry News Round-Up (Inaugural Edition) — 22 January 2017

Here is a round-up of the latest watch industry news:

Watchmakers hope for Trump economics rally (Financial Times) — US president-elect has proposed policies that could cut red tape and boost sales.

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Tilting at Windmills: the Swiss Watch Industry & Innovation (Watch Ponder)A rebuff of the recent industry trends towards in-house movements and new materials science. 

10 Questions For FHH’s Fabienne Lupo On The State Of The Watch Industry (aBlogToWatch) — As SIHH 2017 has just concluded, this would be a good chance to evaluate the watch industry in the wake of a tumultuous 2016 and find out what Ms. Lupo prognosticates for the coming year. She says more ladies pieces, more affordably priced entry-level steel watches, and more vintage-inspired watches are going to be central to the industry’s survival. 

Swissness law risks increasing company costs (Financial Times)  Companies already changing products as Switzerland seeks to protect its image.

Most Popular Watches Of 2016 on Chrono24 (Fratello Watches)Chrono24 is the largest watch marketplace in the world, and shows us some statistics in the wonderful infographic. Amongst others, it shows the Top 15 of brands with the highest demand in 2016 on their website. A website that received well over 200,000,000 clicks last year on the offered 300,000 watches. 

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These are articles that report news events with minimal external analysis. In these articles, I look at the watch industry from the contemporary business events occurring and report those facts to the reader.

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