Opportunities for Improvement in the Luxury Watch Industry in 2017

Watch Ponderers, this week I have written the feature article in aBlogToWatch. It discusses the current problems in the luxury watch industry and makes company-level recommendations for improvements in 2017. It is a business analysis of the industry. Please check it out!

“Opportunities for Improvement in the Luxury Watch Industry in 2017”



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I have a passion for watches and am a collector of luxury watches. I write opinion-based articles that try to bring the business lens to my writing to provide readers with a view of the business, marketing, and strategies of the watch industry companies I look into. In addition to Watch Ponder, I do speaking, freelance writing, and publish in other watch blogs and magazines. I do this as a hobby and because of my passion for watches. I am also a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

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